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Established in 2014

- Michael Freeman 5/20/2020
"Myth was very helpful in selling my parents house. He was always willing to talk about the sale of the house and never stopped trying to make it sell quickly. He is a good realtor and great person."

Areas Served:

- Joseph Freeman 5/19/2020
"Very good guy to work with also has a lot of connections to help you out with whatever you need definitely would recommend working with him"


- Raymond Emery 5/10/2020
"I was introduced to Mith through my wife’s aunt and she uses him for all her sales, after meeting him and learning that he was down to earth and didn’t hold anything back, I realized that he was what we were looking for. His honestly and dedication and determination gave us a comfort, knowing that he was the right person for the job. Thanks again Mith for all efforts!"

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12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

- Stephen Sutera 4/22/2020
"Myth did a great job for my client in a quick sale. Thank you"

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